Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation are basic elements of strategic management. These are tools for improving the efficiency of strategies, programmes and projects. The outcomes of monitoring and evaluation allow learning from previous experience, improving the quality of services and refining the planning procedure and resources allocation. They are tools of how to evaluate the responsible use of resources which bring concrete results and benefits.

 We offer:

Project evaluation

  •  Developing complex independent strategies and programmes focused on overall impacts and partial aspects of their realisation and management.
  • Creation of analysis guidelines and tools for assessment according to the client's needs and the specifics of a target group.
  • Formulation of clear, evidence-based conclusions and useful recommendations.

Analysis of monitoring and evaluation system

  • Examination of monitoring and evaluation processes of a programme or organisation.
  • Proposing the indicators, tools for their gathering and assessment methods.
  • Training of the client's employees

Revision of strategies, targets and plans of organisation

  • Proposing measures based on the evaluation outcomes such as changing a strategy, concrete steps to be taken and a time schedule.
  • Defining measurable and quantifiable goals.