What you got to know about European subsidies for 2014+

euro_arrows.jpg  New grant for 2014-2020 provides a number of changes for Czech businesses, municipalities, non-profit organizations and government institutions . It will distribute approximately 21,6 mld. EUR, less than in previous funding period 2007-2013. Significantly reducing the number of grants - operational programs. This simplifies the administration of individual projects by introducing standardized rules, which should facilitate the submission of applications. Grants will complement repayable financial instruments and entrepreneurs will have more opportunities to fund projects through capital investment, preferential loans or guarantees.

Operational program TRANSPORT (4,7 mld EUR)

This program will promote the development of transport infrastructure, in particular the completion of communications in the Czech Republic - especially for road and rail transport. Finance will also be invested in solving specific problems of cities including Prague.

Operational program Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competitiveness (4,1 mld EUR)

The program finances business settlement, investment in renewable energy for small and medium-sized businesses or expanding IT infrastructure. Greater emphasis than in the past will be given to the introduction of innovations. Entrepreneurs will be able to fund the company's research and development of new products. Will be supported as investments in energy management companies. Part of the support will also focus on investments in engineering and technological equipment.


Operational program RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT A TRAINING (2,8 mld EUR) 

The program aims to support the development of research cooperation between public and private actors in the implementation of research activities, improve the quality of higher education and its relevance to the labor market, equipment colleges of advanced education. Part will also invest in preschool, primary and secondary education, the development of key competencies of students and teachers.


Operational program Prague - Czech Republic pole of growth (0,3 mld EUR)

The program is designed for applicants operating in the capital city of Prague and thematically covers most of the areas mentioned in other operating programs. Investing will therefore be to strengthen research and innovation, improving the competitiveness of SMEs, environmental protection. The program will also promote education, social services and public administration modernization.


INTEGRATED REGIONAL Operational program (4,8 mld EUR)

Finances from this program will go to improving the investment of public administration, health and social services. Support will also be in the business of tourism and protection of cultural and natural heritage. Further contributions will go to the improvement of urban living, thanks to projects such as the use of energy from renewable sources or the regeneration of brownfield sites, as in the other operational programs.

Operational program EMPLOYMENT (2,2 mld EUR) 

This program’s funds will primarily support employment, retraining and creating new jobs. This will include support for social entrepreneurship and employment of young people. For example, support for the integration of disadvantaged persons into the labor market, combating workplace discrimination or supporting social enterprises.


Operational program ENVIRONMENT (2,7 mld EUR)

This program will focus on improving the quality of the environment, for example by supporting projects transition to a low carbon economy and investments in energy conservation, waste management and the related to improving the quality of the environment. Another point is the protection of water and reduction of sewage pollution or investment in efficient management of municipal waste.

All data are approximate. Please contact us for further information

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What you got to know about European subsidies for 2014+

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