Our Team

Naviga4 team comprises internal experts and external associates. The team members constantly gather new experience and improve their skills in respective fields of work in order to bring new and innovative approaches. Not only we create theoretical concepts, we also focus on simple, efficient and highly practical solutions of our clients’ needs.

Our services are delivered through four expert teams which mutually complement:


Project and Process Management, Monitoring and Evaluation Expert Team

Provides consultation services in the field of process and project management, implements projects and programmes evaluations.

More information on project and process management and monitoring and evaluation


Financial and Economic Advisory Expert Team

Creates business plans, prepares and assesses feasibility studies and cost benefit analysis, develops financial analysis and documentations for loans, analyzes municipalities financial management and impacts of development objectives to the budgets of towns and municipalities, creates due diligence – detailed analysis and assessment of product and loan portfolios of risk analysis.

More information on financial and economic advisory


Marketing Communication Expert Team

Analyses communication activities, creates communication strategies and conducts evaluations,  it also focuses on public and media relations for public sector and creates marketing analysis.

More information on communication strategy and analysis


Grant Consulting Expert Team

The team provides full service connected with a search of suitable funding opportunities for our clients, develops grant applications including annexes and deals with all administrative requirements until projects end.

More information on our grant consulting services